Friday, December 17, 2010

All about Shiro

naw I did posted this kinda post in my Journal like a year ago and I feeling like posting here once more 8'D
and you guys can get to know me more <3

Shiro's favorites
-Whats your favorite food?
hmmm plenty ;D but Sushi gonna be my 1st priority forever.

-Whats your favorite color?
PURPLE! Black, red, and silver.

-Whats your hobby?
Online, listening to songs, making new friends xD

About Shiro's friends
-Do you love all your friends?
Hmmmm ya >:]

-Do you hate one of your friend before?
Ahhh I did, last time, and actually still dislike her till now.

-Will you lie to your own bestie?
I wont lie, IF she is really my bestie >:] and there is one <3

-Hit your own friend before?
LOL yah once. I slapped her HARD in front of the whole class >:]

-Do you have any online friends?
Plenty. And I love all of them >:]

-Ever cammed with them?
LMAO CAMMING WITH JEREMY (Host Kyuu) is like the best thing ever! =D

Shiro's thoughts about relationship and love.
-Are you single right now?
Absolutely single and available lol

-Why are you still single?
Cause.... I wanna stay single?

-How do you think about your previous relationship?
Owh darn it. I should just stay single lol

-Did u like a guy secretly?
yah I did, for 3 years and I got hurt at last.

-What do you think about love?
Love is short. Its not worth to give up all your life and time for it. 不用刻意强求,是你的永远就是你的。一切顺其自然~

-Any words to your ex boyfriends?
Fuck off.

-Conclusion about love?
Love is stupid.

Shiro's thoughts on sex.
-Are you still a virgin?
Am clean without any guys polluted me =)

-Watched adult movie before?
Yes, no, maybe?

-Conclusion about sex.
Disgusting, but exciting.

Shiro's thoughts on guys.
-Do you love guys?
Im fucken' straight.

-Which part of a guy makes your heart pound?
His smile. IF he has a cute smile.

-What habit you hate on guys?
smoking. Am allergic to the smell of smoke and they die early.

-What makes you feel disgusted on a guy?
When I know he is such a sexual active animal and bangs every girl outta his way. Eww.

-Say one word to describe this kind of guy.

-Who is your type of guy?
Currently in love with Jin Akanishi. *=*~

-Are you in love right now?
idols, yes =)

Shiro's recent obession.
Jin Akanishi, KATTUN (FTW), The Gazette.
Current new obsession will be Girugamesh, Golden Bomber, Seamo and Mihimaru GT.

-Favorite songs right now?
I have a long list of it. Am lazy to type out but recent NEW obsession will be
The Gazette- the true murderous intent
Girugamesh-Crying Rain
Golden Bomber-Memeshikute

-What are you doing right now?
Blogging, and phone texting two friends of mine.

-Do you ever get pissed off these days?
I did. Some noob pissed me off.

-Do you miss somebody right now?
I DID! MY BESTIE REN! She ignore me because of her games! D':

-Which guy you noticed recently and find that he is cute?
Satoshi (Girugamesh)

-Do you hate anybody recently?
I dislike. I wont hate that noob.

Random questions.
-Are you an anti-fans?
I am.

-Conclusion about yerself.
I rocks. I sucks. Im so fucking gay.

More questions if you all wanna ask:
Thanks :)


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