Friday, December 17, 2010

All about Shiro

naw I did posted this kinda post in my Journal like a year ago and I feeling like posting here once more 8'D
and you guys can get to know me more <3

Shiro's favorites
-Whats your favorite food?
hmmm plenty ;D but Sushi gonna be my 1st priority forever.

-Whats your favorite color?
PURPLE! Black, red, and silver.

-Whats your hobby?
Online, listening to songs, making new friends xD

About Shiro's friends
-Do you love all your friends?
Hmmmm ya >:]

-Do you hate one of your friend before?
Ahhh I did, last time, and actually still dislike her till now.

-Will you lie to your own bestie?
I wont lie, IF she is really my bestie >:] and there is one <3

-Hit your own friend before?
LOL yah once. I slapped her HARD in front of the whole class >:]

-Do you have any online friends?
Plenty. And I love all of them >:]

-Ever cammed with them?
LMAO CAMMING WITH JEREMY (Host Kyuu) is like the best thing ever! =D

Shiro's thoughts about relationship and love.
-Are you single right now?
Absolutely single and available lol

-Why are you still single?
Cause.... I wanna stay single?

-How do you think about your previous relationship?
Owh darn it. I should just stay single lol

-Did u like a guy secretly?
yah I did, for 3 years and I got hurt at last.

-What do you think about love?
Love is short. Its not worth to give up all your life and time for it. 不用刻意强求,是你的永远就是你的。一切顺其自然~

-Any words to your ex boyfriends?
Fuck off.

-Conclusion about love?
Love is stupid.

Shiro's thoughts on sex.
-Are you still a virgin?
Am clean without any guys polluted me =)

-Watched adult movie before?
Yes, no, maybe?

-Conclusion about sex.
Disgusting, but exciting.

Shiro's thoughts on guys.
-Do you love guys?
Im fucken' straight.

-Which part of a guy makes your heart pound?
His smile. IF he has a cute smile.

-What habit you hate on guys?
smoking. Am allergic to the smell of smoke and they die early.

-What makes you feel disgusted on a guy?
When I know he is such a sexual active animal and bangs every girl outta his way. Eww.

-Say one word to describe this kind of guy.

-Who is your type of guy?
Currently in love with Jin Akanishi. *=*~

-Are you in love right now?
idols, yes =)

Shiro's recent obession.
Jin Akanishi, KATTUN (FTW), The Gazette.
Current new obsession will be Girugamesh, Golden Bomber, Seamo and Mihimaru GT.

-Favorite songs right now?
I have a long list of it. Am lazy to type out but recent NEW obsession will be
The Gazette- the true murderous intent
Girugamesh-Crying Rain
Golden Bomber-Memeshikute

-What are you doing right now?
Blogging, and phone texting two friends of mine.

-Do you ever get pissed off these days?
I did. Some noob pissed me off.

-Do you miss somebody right now?
I DID! MY BESTIE REN! She ignore me because of her games! D':

-Which guy you noticed recently and find that he is cute?
Satoshi (Girugamesh)

-Do you hate anybody recently?
I dislike. I wont hate that noob.

Random questions.
-Are you an anti-fans?
I am.

-Conclusion about yerself.
I rocks. I sucks. Im so fucking gay.

More questions if you all wanna ask:
Thanks :)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New picas ♥

Ages since last update LOL
I forget my email and password but thanks to my mushroom Kirei for reminding me LOOOOOOL

btw, no comments on my post or blog?
No one's reading? D':

come on give some response LOL
Love ya guys


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jason Chen


I wont say much about him :)
I do hope that there are ppl that love him just like how I admire him too <3

Enjoy with Shiro, people :3

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sadly to say that
Shiro is actually a super coward T^T

Few weeks ago, I went for a movie with my bestie Ren
for Harry Potter actually *=* but we just realized that the seats are all taken T^T
so we just randomly choose a horror movie
'Death Place'
I only realized that its a Thai horror movie when the movie started T^T
and I start regretting for choosing this movie LOL coz i know I cant stand Thai horror movie
Honestly telling you ;D
Im screaming and covering my face throughout the movie LOL
and after the movie is done, Ren laughed at me and say that Im such a coward to scream all the way
and I said: and I wonder who is the one who hugging me Throughout the WHOLE movie eh?
some screenshots of it
Google is too idiot :C It only have a few
seriously I screamed at this part LMAO ;D

seriously i screamed at this part LMAO ;D

I will never wanna watch Thai horrors again T^T

Evil Shiro wanna share their movie trailer :3

Enjoy >:]
ดิว ทุ่มสุดตัวแต่งผีแช่ในแทงค์น้ำ

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Am I?

I just need someone trustworthy.

I hate being lied to.
I hate friends who betray his/her own friend.

and why is me?
Whyy always me who need to face this kinda rubbish situation?
Leave me outta this.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Being random again

Just wanna say that
I enjoys going out in the middle of night ;D (maybe its because me ish a vampire?)
-shhh~ keep it from my parents- lol

and now
am addicted in scene hairstyles
OMG they are just so cool ;D (but will never have the guts to try it)

They are just so freaking cute ;o;