Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sadly to say that
Shiro is actually a super coward T^T

Few weeks ago, I went for a movie with my bestie Ren
for Harry Potter actually *=* but we just realized that the seats are all taken T^T
so we just randomly choose a horror movie
'Death Place'
I only realized that its a Thai horror movie when the movie started T^T
and I start regretting for choosing this movie LOL coz i know I cant stand Thai horror movie
Honestly telling you ;D
Im screaming and covering my face throughout the movie LOL
and after the movie is done, Ren laughed at me and say that Im such a coward to scream all the way
and I said: and I wonder who is the one who hugging me Throughout the WHOLE movie eh?
some screenshots of it
Google is too idiot :C It only have a few
seriously I screamed at this part LMAO ;D

seriously i screamed at this part LMAO ;D

I will never wanna watch Thai horrors again T^T

Evil Shiro wanna share their movie trailer :3

Enjoy >:]
ดิว ทุ่มสุดตัวแต่งผีแช่ในแทงค์น้ำ

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