Saturday, October 30, 2010

Naww come on ;D

First post here ;D

so, gonna introduce myself :)
Shiro here, turning 19 soon, totally in love with Jrocks and KATTUN.
Purple freak (OmG srsly, I tell everyone that i need a purple tomb in the future), but obsessed with dark colors recently :'D
Wanna be a vampire so badly, vampire fangs are the smexiest thing EVER.
Jin Akanishi and Kai (Uke Yukata) is my so self-claimed husband so, yah ;D

Erm yuh thats me ;D I really needa improve my make up skills and
my hair needa a good styling up D':

My fav Jrock band will be Gazette, Alice Nine, SCREW, DaizyStripper and SuG
Google them if you dont know who are they >=D

Thanks for reading :)
Welcome to the Shiro's world >:)

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